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El Pollo Sabroso is a premier and authentic Mexican restaurant proudly serving the Washington, Washington D.C. area and beyond. We take pride in our ability to discover unique flavors from Central and South America and share them with our community. We're combining our commitment to high-quality food with our faithfulness to our cultural roots to bring you the very best in Peruvian delivery.

Our tacos and Mexican food items feature dishes assembled from the freshest ingredients. Our chefs inject bold and inspiring flavor into your life with our food delivery. Have your favorites brought straight to you with our Peruvian delivery - you'll know we've arrived because the tantalizing smell will reach you before you see us! Your favorite pupusas and our signature rotisserie chicken are available to you with all the convenience of delivery.

We're excited to be able to serve you, whether you are dining in with us or having our best delivered to your home. Enjoy some of our most popular dishes made with love using recipes that have captured the hearts and palates of families from every background. The robust and varied menu highlights authentic ingredients in delectable dishes served straight from our kitchen - and straight to you.

Food Delivery: Our Food
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